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UP-L15 omnipotent moving battery 183WH high capacity

New UP-L15 omnipotent moving battery 183WH high capacity

Buy cheap UP-L15 omnipotent moving battery 183WH high capacity

UP-L15 omnipotent moving battery 183WH  high capacity
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Warranty:We promise that the moving battery products sold in our website are 100% brand new - We never sell used or refurbished.
1.100% new high quality UP-L15 omnipotent moving battery 183WH high capacity.
2.Provides excellent discharge characteristics.
3.30-Day Money Back,1 Year Extended Warranty.
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* Please ensure the product(s) that you are going to buy fits the brand, model and part number of your device.

Detailed Product Description:

Battery size: 220×130×32?mm)
Battery weight?1250g

DC input: 14V ~ 24V
The total third gear DC output voltage, 12V, 16V, 19V. (The third gear voltage applied to the various brands of notebook, netbook, handheld computers, routers, cat shield (modem), portable DVD, CD, and the other voltage 12V, 16V, 19V close to 3C digital products)

DC output :
If the device DC input from 11V to 13V, transferred to 12V files.
If the device DC input from 15V to 17V, transferred to 16V files.
If the device DC input from 18V to 20V, transferred to 19V files.
If the device needs to use the DC output to 5V, 7.3V, 8.4V, 9.3V, 10.5V, 11V's please purchase voltage converters. (Digital cameras, camcorders, and so is the voltage range
USB output:
5V?The file of the voltage applied to the 3C digital products of all kinds of brand mobile phone, iPod, the iPhone, PDAs, MP3, MP4, GPS, UMPC the PSP, NDSI, NDSL, Bluetooth and other voltage close to 5V?


Charging time:6 ~ 9 hours

Use of time:Notebook about 6 to 12 hours (use of time, depending on the various models of notebook computer configuration, working status and different)

Applicable notebook:
The built-in a variety of adapters to match the thousands of models of notebook computers, such as IBM, HP, Dell, Acer, Asus, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba, Samsung, Apple, MSI, Shenzhou, Compaq, Sharp, BenQ, Mitac, GATEWAY, UNIWILL, NEC, KOHJINSHA, CLEVO, GERICOM, Panasonic, Founder, Haier, TCL, Hedy, Tsinghua Tong Fang, Thunis, ViewSonic, Blue, Great Wall, Colorful and other brand models of notebook computers, netbooks and kinds of handheld computers.

Compatible with:
Applicable 3C Digital:
Built-in USB output interface with a variety of transit connector attached to all voltage for 5V devices, such as mobile phones, digital cameras, video cameras, the PSP, NDSI, NDSL, the iPod, the iPhone, PDAs, MP3,, MP4 and, the GPS , UMPC, Bluetooth and so on.

Instructions for use:
Proposed the following three ways to use mobile power to notebook powered:
1 Remove the wife of the notebook computer battery, connect the mobile power directly used for the laptop power supply.
2 notebook wife battery is fully charged put into a laptop mobile power supply, connect directly to the laptop power supply such benefits is the power of the power then to run out of mobile power notebooks wife battery, (but this methods will be individual high-power notebook may not be able to use, this case is necessary to use three kinds of methods)
The notebook turned off, connected to the mobile power to notebook wife battery charge use.

Packing list:
Mobile Power x 1
notebook adapter × 8;
power adapter adapter × 6
phone adapter × 5
DC Data Cable x 1
USB data cable x 1
manual × 1
warranty card × 1
service card × 1

What's the Total Delivery Time? (Please use this formula to determine when your order will arrive) Total Delivery Time = Packaging Time + Shipping Time

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