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VGP-BPS9 Replacement laptop Battery

SONY VGP-BPS9 replacement laptop battery for SONY VAIO VGN-AR41E VGN-AR41L VGN-AR41M VGN-AR47G VGN-AR49G VGN-AR520E VGN-AR550E

UK laptop battery shop, buy cheap VGP-BPS9 laptop batteries, VGP-BPS9 notebook battery with low price and high quality!This Li-ion SONY VGP-BPS9 meet or exceed the original laptop battery specifications.

VGP-BPS9 Replacement laptop Battery
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SONY VGP-BPS9 Battery Shipping To Worldwide

  • Item Code: LSN029   Battery Type: Li-ion
  • Battery Voltage: 11.1V
  • Battery Capacity: 4800mAh
  • Battery Color: silver
  • Battery Brand: SONY
Today Price: £ 75.41
Reg. price: £92.64 You Save: £17.23

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£ 75.41
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Image P.No Type Voltage Capacity Color Condition Price


Li-ion 11.1V 3500mah silver Brand New Sale price: £ 69.67


Li-ion 11.1V 4800mAh black Brand New Sale price: £ 75.41


Li-ion 11.1V 8800mAh Silver Brand New Sale price: £ 80.33

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Warranty:We promise that the VGP-BPS9 laptop Battery sold in our website are 100% brand new - We never sell used or refurbished VGP-BPS9 laptop Battery.
1.100% new high quality Replacement battery Compatible your sony laptops.
2.Provides excellent discharge characteristics.
3.30-Day Money Back,1 Year Extended Warranty for VGP-BPS9 laptop Battery.
4.Quick delivery for every order.
5.If you need any help or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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battery life

Every day use Tips to extend your SONY VGP-BPS9 laptop's battery life

1.Keep the SONY VGP-BPS9 battery contacts clean: Clean your battery's metal contacts every couple of months with a cloth moistened with rubbing alcohol. This keeps the transfer of power from your battery more efficient.
2.Do not expose the VGP-BPS9 battery to extreme temperatures. Do not leave your battery outside in the cold or in your car in the summer. Cold batteries can't create very much power and hot batteries will discharge very quickly.
3.Don't pack your laptop away in a backpack or other enclosed space when the SONY VGP-BPS9 battery is still warm, trapping the heat. A battery that is frequently hot to the touch will lose life a lot faster than a battery that isn't constantly being stressed. Worst of all: if your laptop crashes or refuses to shut off properly, the battery can get extremely hot when packed away in your bag.
4.Keep vents clear - don't put your sony laptop on a fluffy pillow or a cushioned service that will cover vents and trap heat.
5.Avoid allowing your device to discharge completely. Constantly recharging a lithium-ion battery does not shorten the battery life more than normal usage would. Avoid letting it sit on empty for too long; instead, keep it charged-up if you can.
6.Chargeable batteries will wear down quickly, when they are only charged for a short period of time. When the laptop is not in use, such as at bedtime, plug it into an outlet and leave it to charge until the battery power is full.
7.Defrag regularly - The faster your hard drive does its work - less demand you are going to put on the hard drive and your SONY VGP-BPS9 battery. Make your hard drive as efficient as possible by defragging it regularly.

Why Buy VGP-BPS9 Battery From Us? provides the best VGP-BPS9 VGP-BPL9 laptop Batteries at the lowest prices. When you buy our cheap VGP-BPS9 Battery - VGP-BPS9 laptop Battery you can be rest assured that you are receiving the best value and service for your money. This replacement laptop Battery is guaranteed to be brand new and fresh from our factory.
Item: VGP-BPS9 Battery - VGP-BPS9 laptop Battery is 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and 1 Year Warranty. All our products are shipped from Bexley, NSW 2207. Buy VGP-BPS9 Battery from us, save your money & time!

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