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GATEWAY AC Adapter - GATEWAY Laptop AC Adapter

We are the real manufacturer for GATEWAY Laptop adapter ,and we believe that our products are your best choose.
1.The product have double IC protection, with a double protection performance: over-current, short circuit protection. The product can achieve constant current, constant voltage. To 100% to protect their computers will not be burned.
2.PCB board selected fiberboard. Features: hardness good; moisture; copper the thickness of the uniform not easily fall; non-performing rate reduced; life long; on the applicability of various environmental major.
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New GATEWAY ADP-65YB AC Adapter for Gateway M350 M675 150W

100-240V 50-60Hz (for worldwid 19V-7.9A 150W GSBA0A Laptop AC Adapter
SKU: CL20608
Replace rechargeable adapter part number:
Part No : ADP-65YB B

New GATEWAY M350 AC Adapter for Gateway M350 M675 AC Adapter Charger Power Supply 19V 7.9A 150W NEW

100 - 240V 1A 50-60Hz 19V 7.9A 150W GSB102 Laptop AC Adapter
SKU: GA30827
Replace rechargeable adapter part number:
Part No : M350 M675

New GATEWAY M350 AC Adapter for 19V 7.9A 150W New AC Adapter For Gateway M675 / M350WVN Laptop PA-1161-06, 6500878

100 - 240V 1A 50-60Hz 19V 7.9A 150W GSB102 Laptop AC Adapter
SKU: GA30453
Replace rechargeable adapter part number:
Part No : M350 M675

New GATEWAY ADP-40TH AC Adapter for New 2.15A Gateway LT23 ADP-40TH A Ac Adapter Charger

100-240V~1.5A(1.5A) 50/60Hz 19V-2.15A 40 W GSB069 Laptop AC Adapter
SKU: GA20623
Replace rechargeable adapter part number:
Part No : ADP-40TH ADP-40TH A

New GATEWAY SA80T-3115 6500097 6500723 6500714 AC Adapter for New AC Adapter Power Cord For GATEWAY SA80T-3115

100-240V 1.2A(1.2A)50-60HZ 80W 19V-4.22A,60W-65W GSB029 Laptop AC Adapter
Replace rechargeable adapter part number:
Part No : SA80T-3115 6500097 6500723 6500714

The main components: products use a variety of high-quality components, so that product performance, quality guaranteed.
  • 1). Filters: Immunity (AC filter components work interference and radio waves).
  • 2). Safety Capacitor: After the failure of the capacitor will not lead to clicks, without endangering personal safety .
  • 3). varistor: buffer (AC buffer), to reduce the damage components of the bridge piles and insurance protection
  • 4). filter capacitor: rectified filter
  • 5).FET
  • 6).optocoupler (2): control current-voltage (as a double protection of the base), the equipment 100% protection.
  • 7).Bridge heap: Adjusting the current direction.
  • 8).Inductance: anti-jamming.
  • 9).capacitors: high-frequency low-impedance.

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