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If you simply aren't sure what to get, check with a professional. Our customer service staff are trained to know how to compare batteries and they are happy to help find the right fit for your .

Replacement Battery sells battery,replacement batteries and ac adapter. All you need for your Acer, Asus, HP, Compaq,Fujitsu, Lenovo, Toshiba, Gateway or Sony s and so on. we have worked with leading battery manufacturers around the world to design, specify, and build high quality batteries. All batteries are brand new ,full 1 year warranty and 30 days money back!

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New Arrivals

Alcatel Onetouch Batteries

[2000MAH/7.6Wh,3.8V/4.35V Li-ion , £16.39]

Alcatel A3 OT-5046/Shine Lite OT-5080 5080X Batteries

[3500MAH/13.3Wh,3.8V/4.35V Li-ion , £16.39]

Alcatel One Touch Hero 2 OT-8030 OT-8030B Batteries

[3100MAH/11.78Wh,3.8V/4.35V Li-ion , £16.39]

ALCATEL onetouch N1 MAX M823 Batteries

[3500MAH/13.3Wh,3.8V/4.35V Li-ion , £16.39]

Alcatel One Touch Pop S7 OT 7045 7045Y Batteries

[3000MAH/11.4Wh,3.8V/4.35V Li-ion , £18.84]

Alcatel Cell Mobile Phone Batteries

[4000MAH/15.4Wh,3.8V/4.4V Li-ion , £16.39]

ALCATEL OT- 9001A OT- 9001X OT-8050D OT-9003A OT-9003X Batteries

[2580MAH/9.8Wh,3.8V/4.35V Li-ion , £18.84]

Alcatel One Touch Pixi 3 (7) LTE / 7.0 4G Batteries

[2820MAH/10.6Wh,3.75V/4.2V Li-ion , £16.39]

Alcatel Onetouch Pixi 4 (5) 5045D Batteries

[2000MAH/7.6Wh,3.8V/4.35V Li-ion , £13.93]

Alcatel ONETOUCH Fierce 7024 7024w 7024n Ot-6030a 6030 S820 Batteries

[1800MAH/6.84Wh,3.8V/4.35V Li-ion , £15.57]

Alcatel One Touch POP C7 7041D POP D7 OT991 992D 916D 6010 Batteries

[1900MAH/7.22Wh,3.8V/4.35V Li-ion , £13.93]

Alcatel One Touch Scribe HD OT-8008 8008A 8008D Batteries

[2500MAH/9.5Wh,3.8V/4.35V Li-ion , £18.02]

Alcatel One Touch Idol 3 5.5 6045 6045F 6045Y 6045K Batteries

[2910MAH/11.1Wh,3.8V/4.35V Li-ion , £14.75]

Alcatel OneTouch POP 7 P310A Pixi 7 9006W Batteries

[3240MAH/11.99Wh,3.7V/4.2V Li-ion , £18.02]

Alcatel One Touch Pixi 4 8050D 9001D Batteries

[2580MAH/9.8Wh,3.8V/4.35V Li-ion , £14.75]

Alcatel idol 4 OT6055 6055 6055K 6055B 6055H Batteries

[2610MAH/10.05Wh,3.85V/4.4V Li-ion , £18.02]

Alcatel Onetouch 4S 6070O 6070K Y Batteries

[3000MAH/11.6Wh,3.84V/4.4V Li-ion , £19.66]

Huawei Watch 1ICP5/25/28 Batteries

[300MAH/1.14Wh,3.8V Li-ion , £21.30]

Alcatel One Touch Idol Mini OT6012 OT-6012A Batteries

[1700MAH/6.5Wh,3.8V/4.35V Li-ion , £13.93]

Alcatel OT-997D Smart OT-5035 LINKZONE MW41 T-Mobile Batteries

[1800MAH/6.66Wh,3.7V/4.2V Li-ion , £13.93]

Alcatel S950 S950T idol X/S 6034R Batteries

[2000MAH/7.6Wh,3.8V/4.35V Li-ion , £16.39]

Mercedes Benz Becker Navigation Map Pilot Batteries

[100mAh / 3.7Wh,3.70V Li-ion , £20.49]

Samsung Gear S2/S2 Classic R720 R732 R720X Batteries

[250 mAh,3.8V/4.35V Li-ion , £22.94]

SAMSUNG Galaxy Gear 1 SM-V700 Batteries

[315mah,3.7V Li-ion , £13.93]

Alcatel 510A OT-800 OT-880a OT-710D 768T Batteries

[850mah/3.15Wh,3.7V Li-ion , £13.11]

Alcatel One Touch Pixi 4 4034A Batteries

[1500MAH/5.7Wh,3.8V/4.35V Li-ion , £13.11]

Alcatel One Touch Pop 2 5042d Batteries

[2000MAH/7.6Wh,3.8V/4.35V Li-ion , £13.11]

LG X Power K220 LS755 Batteries

[4100Mah/15.8Wh,3.85 V Li-ion , £16.39]

  • SM-T900
  • BAT-Li-4S2P3800
  • TLiB5AF
  • R10B01W
  • BAT
  • PB-32
  • BAT-Li-4S2P3800
  • HS04
  • P370BAT-8
  • 633196-001
  • L14C3K31
  • L14M2P21
  • L14C3K31
  • W110BAT-6
  • BP-LC2600/33-

  • AP13J4K
  • L14L2P22
  • U12C
  • BL268
  • ADP-65XB
  • L10M4P12
  • BT-8007
  • TLi017C1
  • 061384
  • 82-71364-03

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