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If you simply aren't sure what to get, check with a professional. Our customer service staff are trained to know how to compare batteries and they are happy to help find the right fit for your .

Replacement Battery sells battery,replacement batteries and ac adapter. All you need for your Acer, Asus, HP, Compaq,Fujitsu, Lenovo, Toshiba, Gateway or Sony s and so on. we have worked with leading battery manufacturers around the world to design, specify, and build high quality batteries. All batteries are brand new ,full 1 year warranty and 30 days money back!

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Batteries by Manufacturer:

New Arrivals

Sanyo Cadnica 12N-1700SCK Batteries

[1700mAh,14.4V NI-Cd , £39.09]

Allen Bradley 1747-BA 1769-BA Batteries

[1200mAh,3V Li-ion , £19.99]

Panasonic Fanuc BR-AGCF2P Batteries

[,6V Lithium , £20.99]

iFLYTEK KXF0001 Batteries

[2900mAh,3.85V Li-Polymer , £22.99]

Hemisphere Outdoor Handheld GPS Batteries

[10000mAh,3.7V Li-ion Polymer , £77.09]

Byford PDA Handset X5 Batteries

[4500mAh,3.8V Li-ion , £22.99]

Sokkia SET 22 23 130 2010 2110 Batteries

[2700mAh,6V Ni-MH , £43.09]

Kami IBR072GC AD201-1 IBR072GA Batteries

[6000mAh,3.7V Li-ion , £24.99]


[5000mAh,14.4V Li-ion , £51.09]

Other N008-4S1P Vacuum Cleane Batteries

[2400mAh,14.4V Li-ion , £24.99]

IKUSI BT24IK BT20K Batteries

[2400mAh,4.8V Ni-MH , £168.09]

EDAN IM8 IM80 IM70 IM50 M50 Batteries

[5000mAh,14.8V Li-ion , £109.09]

EDAN IM8 IM8F IM8B IM70 IM50 im60 M50R Batteries

[2600mAh,14.8V Li-ion , £93.09]

Draeger Medical JM-105 Jaundice Meter Batteries

[3700mAh,7.4V NI-MH , £22.99]

Trimble Juno SA SB SC SD SQ Batteries

[2600mAh,3.7V Li-ion , £68.09]

Trimble TDS Recon 200 Batteries

[4000mAh,2.4V NI-MH , £76.09]

Proscenic T-4S2P-A M7 Pro Batteries

[5000mAh,14.4V Li-ion , £37.09]

Romance DD3 ZD116 ZNS-03A Batteries

[2600mAh,7.4V Li-ion , £22.00]

NEATO ICR18650-26J-4S1P Batteries

[2500mAh,14.52V Li-ion , £37.09]

Myndar 7847100 Batteries

[5000mAh,3.7V Li-ion , £30.09]

Ryobi PBP005 P197 P108 P109 Batteries

[4000mAh,18V Li-ion , £84.09]

Comen 022-000108-00 NC10 NCA NC8A NC12A Batteries

[4400mAh,11.1V Li-ion , £84.09]

EDAN IM8 IM8F IM8B IM70 IM50 im60 M50R Batteries

[5200mAh,14.8V Li-ion , £117.09]

Trimble TX series 3D TX5 TX6 TX8 Batteries

[8700mAh,10.8V Li-ion , £118.09]

Trimble GPS R10 Receiver Batteries

[3700mAh,7.4V Li-ion , £92.09]

EDAN DUS60 Batteries

[5000mAh,14.8V Li-ion , £76.09]

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Each of our batteries is engineered to be 100% compatible and thoroughly tested before it leaves the factory floor and because we take advantage of the latest battery technology, we offer the highest-capacity batteries on the market to power your laptop longer.


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Shop with confidence! Laptop Battery Depot stands behind its products by carrying a 1-year warranty on most of our products. If you are not happy with your purchase, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked.


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