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If you simply aren't sure what to get, check with a professional. Our customer service staff are trained to know how to compare batteries and they are happy to help find the right fit for your Tablet.

Replacement Tablet Battery sells Tablet battery,replacement Tablet batteries and Tablet ac adapter. All you need for your Acer, Asus, HP, Compaq,Fujitsu, Lenovo, Toshiba, Gateway or Sony Tablets and so on. we have worked with leading Tablet battery manufacturers around the world to design, specify, and build high quality Tablet batteries. All batteries are brand new ,full 1 year warranty and 30 days money back!

Replacement Tablet Battery:
Tablet Batteries by Manufacturer:

New Arrivals

Lenovo V330-14IKB Batteries

[3948mAh/30WH,7.6V/8.7V Li-ion , £31.15]

Lenovo BSNO3372D8 BSN03372D8 Batteries

[9000mAh/33.3WH,3.7V/4.2V Li-ion , £34.43]

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 Pad B6000 B6000-H B6000-F Batteries

[5800mAh/21.8WH,3.75V Li-ion , £22.95]

Lenovo Miix320-10ICR Miix325-10ICR Batteries

[9000mAh/33.3WH,3.7V/4.2V Li-ion , £27.04]

Lenovo Yoga tablet 3 YT3-850F YT3-850M Batteries

[6200mAh/23.2WH,3.75V Li-ion , £39.34]

Acer Aspire Switch Alpha 12 SA5-27 Batteries

[37Wh,7.6V Li-ion , £35.24]

Lenovo YOGA Tablet 2-830F/LC 851F Batteries

[6200mAh/23.2WH,3.75V Li-ion , £24.58]

Lenovo Yoga Tablet Pro 2 1371F 13.3'' Batteries

[12800mAh/48Wh,3.75V Li-ion , £27.04]

Lenovo YU10349-16018 L16C3P31 1ICP3/84/96-3 Batteries

[10500mAh/39.9Wh,3.8V Li-ion , £30.32]

Asus Memo Pad 7 K013 ME176 ME7610C ME176CX ME7610CX Batteries

[3910mAh/15WH,3.8V/4.35V Li-ion , £22.95]

Microsoft Surface Book with Performance base Batteries

[19.6Wh/2580mAh,7.6V Li-ion , £31.96]

Hisense CHROMEBOOK C11 SERIES 7 Batteries

[3500mAh/25.9WH,7.4V/8.4V Li-ion , £21.31]

Lenovo ThinkPad Helix Series 3ICP6/46/122 Batteries

[3785mAh/42WH,11.1V Li-ion , £24.59]

Toshiba PA5057N-1BRS Batteries

[3030mAh /12Wh,3.7V Li-ion , £26.23]

Lenovo Yoga 510 Batteries

[4510mAh/52.5WH,11.4V/13.05V Li-ion , £26.23]

Asus Transformer 3 Pro T303UA T303UA-0053G6200U Batteries

[5000mAh/39WH,7.7V Li-ion , £31.96]

Acer Aspire One Cloudbook 14 AO1-431 Batteries

[54.8Wh/4810mAh,11.4V/13.05V Li-on , £31.15]

Unistrong 7inch Ruggedized tablet UG903 Batteries

[5700MAH/21.09WH,3.7V/4.2V Li-ion , £22.13]

Huawei MediaPad M2 10 Flat Cell M2-A01W M2-A01L Batteries

[6500mAh,3.8V/4.35V Li-ion , £21.31]

Google DVT3-2,Project Tango Tablet Batteries

[2480MAH /18.8WH,7.6V/4.2V Li-ion , £26.23]

Asus ZenPad Z8S P00J ZT582KL Batteries

[4680mAh/18Wh,3.8V/4.35V Li-ion , £21.31]

Sunwoda Laptop 1ICP7/54/63-4 Batteries

[12600mAh/46.62WH,3.7V/4.2V Li-ion , £25.40]

Gigabyte S1080 Tablet PC series Batteries

[4000mAh/29.6WH,7.4V Li-ion , £36.89]

HP 10.1" PRO TABLET 10 EE G1 Batteries

[28.49Wh 7700mAh,3.7V Li-ion , £27.04]

Xiaomi Pad 1 Mipad 1 A0101 Batteries

[6520mAh,3.8V/4.35V Li-ion , £21.31]

Xiaomi Pad 2 Mipad 2 7.9 Inch + Tools Batteries

[6010mAh,3.84V/4.4V Li-ion , £21.31]

Xiaomi Pad 3 Mipad 3 MEC91 7.9" Batteries

[6400mAh 24.3Wh,3.8V/4.35V Li-ion , £21.31]

  • ACDP-003
  • B31N1346
  • LP03XL
  • 163467-0001
  • L11M3P02
  • A7
  • 8N0T7
  • BL-S6
  • BR-2/3AGCT4A
  • 361-00056-21
  • F2-40BL
  • PCG007
  • 21-65587-03
  • H825EF-02
  • L15L3A02
  • 82-90005-05
  • K81RP
  • U12C
  • X18
  • AP17C5P
  • H275P-01
  • N850BAT-6
  • K10000
  • TLi015M1
  • DAK822470K

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