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You'll find low, cheap prices on Gateway , Acer , Asus , Apple , Dell Laptop AC Adapter .Our Adapter are specifically designed for your laptop.

New Arrivals

Samsung A10024-NPNT 100W24V BN44-00794G AC Adapter

[23V 4.35A 100W GSB475 , £38.52]

HP 608425-001 609939-001 AC Adapter

[18V 3.5A 65W GSB022 , £22.94]

HP TPC-LS58 PPP009D T620 T630 AC Adapter

[19.5V 3.33A 65W GSB476 , £27.86]

Zhongwei ZBA800 ZT10R AC Adapter

[8.4V 1000A , £22.99]

HP Workstation Z400 AC Adapter

[475W GSB473 , £47.09]

Chicony MSI GL65 9SEK AC Adapter

[19.5V 9.23A 180W GSB168 , £49.57]

Asus ROG STRIX GL502VS-WS71 AC Adapter

[19.5V 11.8A 230W GSB354 , £54.99]

Netgear Wireless Router Access Point AC Adapter

[12V2.5A 30W GSB127 , £19.99]

Samsung HW-Q800T HW-Q800T/ZA HW-Q800T/EN AC Adapter

[19V 3.11A 59W GSB469 , £32.09]

Asus ROG GL504GS GL504GV GL702VS AC Adapter

[20V 9A 180W GSB467 , £55.09]

GVE GM150-2400600 AC Adapter

[24V 6A/6000MA GSB463 , £40.09]

Chicony MSI GE63 Raider RGB 8RE-012US AC Adapter

[19V 10.5A(19.5V 9.23A) 200W GSB457 , £54.09]

HP Z230 Workstation Tower AC Adapter

[V12N==/0.15A(0.15A),+11Vsb==/1.74A(1.74A GSB444 , £47.09]

Topcon BT-52Q BT-52QA AC Adapter

[9V 1.8A GSB451 , £35.09]

HBC BA223030 BA223000 AC Adapter

[ GSB450 , £192.09]

Philips FC6812 FC6814 FC6813 AC Adapter

[25V 500mA GSB449 , £26.09]

HP 792584-004 792619-001 TPN-AA01 AC Adapter

[5.25V 3A 15W GSB447 , £24.99]

Samsung C27F591FDC C27F591FD A4514_FPNA AC Adapter

[14V 3.22A 45W GSB426 , £24.99]

LG DA-48A18 AC Adapter

[18V 2.67A 48W GSB417 , £33.00]

  • BP06-00029A
  • BP06-00028A
  • A41-E15
  • NF2MW
  • TLi014A1
  • HB446486ECW
  • 361-00066-00
  • 163467-0001
  • 10.5V/5V
  • EB615268VU
  • U22
  • BL-S3
  • L17C4PE1
  • PO02XL
  • BP3S1P2160-S
  • MLP3592106P2P
  • L15M2PB5
  • BL262
  • BTY-M6L
  • HG30
  • A1233
  • ADP-135KB

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